Korean Evodia,BEE-BEE tree or Tedradium Daniellii. The tree grows about 45ft. if left alone or trimmed to grow as a shrub.Hardy in zones 4-8.Prefers a wall drained soil, in full sun but will tolerate some shade,ph 5-7 and fertile soil.Korean Evodia seeds are best sowed in fall with a light cover.Protection from cold first year.The evodia blooms in late July to mid Aug. about 3 weeks.The bloom is white and looks like elderberry bloom,the seeds set starts of green turning red then black.Growth rate is medium to fast and the bark is gray and smooth,it has no serious diseases or insect problems and is NOT on any  invasive species list The Korean Evodia is native to North Korea to China and the BEST of all the bees love it.The evodia has a high nectar flow. We sell the Korean Evodia trees  for 1-3ft. 30.00$ seeds 10.00 for about 200 seeds